Southeast Regional Dry Van Truckload Transportation Carrier

Company Ownership
Rollin Royal Trucking was founded by Terron Johnson and Antonio Rutledge.

Terron (TJ) Johnson

Terron Johnson received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Management (minor in Finance) from Georgia Institute of Technology. Terron also played Football at Georgia Tech. He worked in Corporate Finance at SunTrust Bank for 8 years. He began his career as a Financial Analyst and moved up the ranks to Assistant VP in the Factoring Division. Terron began his first business, Johnson Properties & Investments, while working at SunTrust. Terron was able to build a portfolio consisting of 15 houses and constructed a 15-unit apartment building in the City of Atlanta. Terron was also very successful at flipping homes. After managing the properties from 1998 to 2004, Terron decided that his family needed to diversify their wealth. With the assistance of his mother, Linda Johnson, and his father, Burnes Johnson; Terron was able to leverage the properties to purchase Two Daycare Centers and A Good Year Tire Franchise. Those businesses strived until the economic recession of 2008. The Good Year Franchise was removed from the portfolio due to lagging sales and profitability. The property portfolio was liquidated and the family focused on the two daycare centers during the recession.

Antonio Rutledge

Antonio was raised in Alabama where he first learned the importance of trucking. His Grandfather, Willie Rutledge, started the long line of expert drivers that included his sons and grandsons. He paved the way for all of them to become embedded into this multibillion-dollar industry. Although Antonio was constantly surrounded by truckers, he decided to pursue the life of an athlete. Antonio was drafted by the Kansas City Royals but decided to pursuit his collegiate career at Alabama A&M. Antonio completed his education at Miles College. Antonio deep ties to the trucking industry established by his grandfather led him to attain a Class A CDL License. Antonio has a wealth of information about the trucking industry.